About Austin

Austin Prior Counselling

Austin is a highly experienced Counsellor, offering support and guidance in the areas of substance abuse, compulsive behaviours, relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress management etc.  In January 2014 he stepped down from the position of Deputy Director of The Rutland Centre, which is a highly acclaimed Rehabilitation Centre in Dublin, in order to establish a private practice in Counselling and in Clinical Supervision. During his time at the Rutland Centre he worked for many years as Continuing Care Co-ordinator, overseeing the segment of the programme which supports clients and their families in the immediate aftermath of treatment.  In this work he gained a great insight into the damage that addiction is capable of inflicting on not just the addicted person, but also on their immediate family, and the support that both require in order for them to take on the challenging but rewarding work of recovery. He helped to establish and develop the support programme for Concerned Persons, including a day-long workshop to provide information and support for those struggling with addiction in their families. Having seen the devastation caused to partners, spouses, parents and adult children, by addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and the compulsive use of sex and food, he has developed the awareness and understanding necessary to support them in rebuilding lives and relationships.

He also developed a keen interest in the area of Relapse Prevention, and has presented workshops on the subject to professionals working in the area of addiction as well as to those people battling with the challenges of early recovery.

He has been happy to avail of every opportunity that has presented itself, through various media outlets and through schools, to warn of the dangers and the insidious nature of addiction, and to promote his deeply held belief that the freedom of recovery is available to, and attainable by, every person who is willing to work for it.

Austin is fully accredited as a Counsellor and as a Clinical Supervisor with Addiction Counsellors of Ireland